Life Transition Coaching

Life Transition Coaching

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The Life Transition life coaching package includes five 45-minute sessions that focus on a particular transition or change in motherhood, employment, relationships, life seasons and new ventures.

Have you ever known a transition was coming and looked at it with excitement and dread? When my children went back to school from summer break I was elated and anxious. I knew we were getting into a busy season, but I didn’t know what to expect.

Or maybe you are beginning your first blog and aren’t quite sure how it will impact your free time and responsibilities. You are anxious to get started, but don’t exactly know WHERE to start.

You could be walking away from a relationship that isn’t healthy anymore. It is the right choice, but it still hurts. You wonder how you will move forward without this person in your life.

Perhaps you are dealing with a bad habit that you know in your heart needs to stop. We all have those! It’s a hard place to begin when the habit is ingrained. You know you what to change, but feel overwhelmed with all the information available on HOW to change.

Maybe you are trying to create transition by carving out time in your day for quiet time with the Lord, or time to breathe and relax. This is such a tough goal to achieve when we are pulled in many different directions by our overloaded schedules and commitments

These sessions are recommended for women going through a minor life transition or change. After your free 30-minute phone conversation we will have uncovered the transition or change occurring, how you feel about it, and what we can begin to do as a team to work through this life season. Once we begin your coaching sessions we will unpack the five essential keys in coaching: Awareness, Vision, Assessments, Obstacles, and Solutions. Each element will allow you to think through your transition and help you figure out how to move forward. Below are some other areas we can cover, but we are certainly not limited to them!

  • Let go of old habits
  • Create goals to move forward with purpose
  • Transition through change with positive thoughts
  • Understand boundaries and responsibilities
  • Work through obstacles
  • Life Balance
  • This package offers the following:

    • Free 30-minute introductory session.
    • Five (5) 45 minute coaching sessions to be completed within your personal time frame.
    • Detailed session notes along with a recording of our conversation if desired.
    • Access to resources and coaching tools such as the Graph of Life Survey, Values Inventory, Personal Identity Worksheet, and more.
    • The option to add 30 minutes of weekly Voxer access.Voxer is a walkie-talkie app for smart phones that will allow you to ask me questions or brainstorm with me directly. The access is for Monday through Thursday and while I can't always respond immediately, I will respond as soon as I am able.

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