Advanced Life Transition Coaching

Advanced Life Transition Coaching

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The Advanced Life Transition life coaching package includes ten 45-minute sessions that focus on a major life transition such as a move, change in family dynamics, new employment, setting long-term boundaries with others, learning how to create whitespace in your day, discovering your creative ability, and life passion among many other focus areas.

Over the last ten years I have moved 12 times. TWELVE. Moving away is a huge life transition that comes with many small and big changes. Maybe you are walking through a move right now. Your job is transferring you across the country, or your husband is looking for work in different states. Maybe you are moving back in with family. You are anxious about leaving friends and family while wondering if you will make new connections.

I can help you through the process of moving and all that comes with it. We’ll walk through your concerns and find ways to walk through the process together.

Maybe you aren’t moving, but your family is going through major changes. Seven years ago my first husband left, and I found myself a single mother of three small children. I learned many things through those three years. These transitions create deep crevices in our hearts whether we like it or not.

Whether you are experiencing a divorce or even thinking your marriage needs help, I will walk beside you, lend you a listening ear, and offer support and encouragement. Together we can walk through this transition with hope and promise.

Another possible change in your life may need to come from setting boundaries with family, friends, or a particular person. It can be difficult to say no to those who are close to us. Deciding what is important to you and fits into your life can be a challenge. Many of us feel guilty if we say no even if it means exhausting ourselves to please others. Maybe your boss demands you work more hours than you should. Or your children push you to the point of giving in when you need to stand your ground. I have walked the path of path of people pleasing and discovered how boundaries can truly change my life.

Whatever area of your life that requires putting boundaries into place, we will work through your concerns and help you grow toward your goal of lasting change.

Perhaps you are tired of walking through your days with a lack of joy and purpose. You are in the long season of those early motherhood years when the days seem all the same: Laundry, messes, crying babies, dirty clothes, sleepless nights, and little connection with your husband or friends. You’ve been dragging yourself through the hours counting down to bedtime. Friend, I have been there! Sometimes we must seek out that much-needed transition to keep from living a life that lacks joy and purpose.

Let’s go deep into your schedule, your fears, your desires, and dreams. Together we can get you where you want to go, living authentically with passion and purpose.

These sessions are recommended for women who need long-term encouragement, more time to process challenges and goals, and grow further into her passions and purpose. We will work depp into the five essential keys in coaching: Awareness, Vision, Assessments, Obstacles, and Solutions to help you walk through your transition with security and newfound joy.
Below are other areas we can explore, but we are certainly not limited to just these!

  • Release habits that are holding you back
  • Discover your passions and purpose
  • Transition through change with positive thoughts
  • Understand boundaries and responsibilities
  • Work through obstacles
  • Focus goals based on your unique needs and desires
  • Uncover how to live authentically
  • Understand boundaries and responsibilities
  • Create life balance
  • This package includes the following:

    • Free 30-minute introductory session
    • Ten (10) 45 minute coaching sessions to be completed within your personal time frame.
    • Access resources and coaching tools available such as the Graph of Life Survey, Values Inventory, Personal Identity Worksheet, and more.
    • Detailed session notes along with a recording of our conversation if desired.
    • You have the option to add 35 minutes of weekly Voxer access. Voxer is a walkie-talkie app for smart phones that will allow you to ask me questions or brainstorm with me directly. The access is for Monday through Thursday and while I can't always respond immediately, I will respond as soon as I am able.

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