Hi there! Thank you for your interest to partner with me. I firmly believe we are meant to come along side one another in a variety of ways to encourage, build up, and strengthen lives together. I have carried the desire to help others since I was young, and over the years my passion has looked differently but never changed. As I have experienced many major life changes, I have grown into the concept of sharing my story through friendship and encouragement. Life Coaching is the next step for me in pursuing my passion to help other women through life's changes, transitions, and the desire to go after their dreams. Working with me means trusting me with your life story, so I'd like to share some of mine with you.


I grew up in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee. I had wonderful goals to be an author, an animal rescuer, a veterinarian, a cow girl, and many other exciting career choices by the time I was 12. Most of those dreams faded as I got older (thank goodness being a cow girl wasn't at the top of my list!) and learned the ways of the world. I married my college sweetheart in 2002, and what seemed to be a great life ended in heartache. After having three children, moving many different times across states, my ex-husband succumb to his drug addiction. I became a single mother to three small children. I pursued a graduate degree in Elementary Education and graduated in December 2011. A few months before that I met Bryan, and it was love at first sight. We married in 2012 and moved to Columbus, Ohio the following summer. In April 2014 Bryan officially became my children's legal Father! Later that year we welcomed Anna Grace to our family. In May 2016 we moved to my husband's hometown of Waterville, OH.


I have lead bible studies and prayer groups, mentored young moms, and encouraged women over on my blog Redemption Diary. The many changes in my life have lead me to serve differently than I ever thought possible. I have learned more about myself in the last four years, and am uncovering parts of my own story that give me a fresh perspective and purpose. Along my faith journey Life Coaching kept presenting itself to me, so I finally decided to take the next step in faith and become certified.

My purpose is to serve Jesus and love other to the best of my ability. My passion is to help women live authentically through Jesus while discovering their passion and purpose. I want you to uncover the full potential God has for your life!

Your story is unique. There is only one of you throughout all of this world. God designed you for this time, this place in history to make a lasting impact. I would love to come alongside you with helpful challenges, and God's words of wisdom so we can get you moving forward with purpose.


Be Blessed,


Sarah is a Certified Life Coach through the Life Breakthrough Coaching and Academy. She has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. She has been encouraging women in their life journeys for several years. Sarah stands by the Christian Coaches Creed.