In 2013 I began telling my story to the virtual world. Redemption Diary was created so I could share my life experiences with women who had experienced divorce and abandonment, along with spousal drug addiction. God enabled me to open up the tender places in my soul that needed to breathe life and heal.

Over the years I have met wonderful ladies who, in turn, shared their stories with me and let God into their broken places. It’s amazing what can happen when we are vulnerable and ready for change.

Being a wife to a structural engineer with a crazy work schedule and a mom to four active children, I want to keep my life as underwhelmed as possible. Writing over at Redemption Diary is a way for me to continue my ministry, keep my story in a central location, and offer hope from my past blog posts and into the future.

I hope you will join me there as my story continues with life coaching. I want to give you hope for you as you begin to set goals, become focused on your dreams, and work toward an active change in your life. The Diary is where I offer encouragement for women through life’s transitions.

Join me?

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